Characteristics of a U12 Player

All children are maturing at different rates and are sensitive to that fact.

Need to warm-up and stretch as muscle pulls and other nagging injuries tend to become more common.

Typically understand elemental abstract concepts and hypothetical situations.

They like to solve problems.

Peer evaluation is a constant.

Egos are sensitive.

Coordination may depend on whether or not they are in a growth spurt.

Technique still needs to be reinforced constantly.

Playing too much can lead to overuse injuries.

Playing too much and not feeling like they have a choice in the matter can lead to burnout and drop-out.

This is the dawn of tactics!

Keep asking the players to be creative and to take risks.

Ask for feedback from them. They will tell you how things are going.

Try to hand over leadership and ownership of the team to them. They will enjoy leading and it will add to the learning environment.

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