Leadership Profile

Leadership Profile

In keeping with the BSC_NFC mission of sponsoring the best soccer playing experience for serious, select level players in the Omaha area, we are committed to the players and their families to provide coaches who blend personal integrity with coaching ability, and guide players and teams to new heights of development and accomplishment, while also teaching valuable lessons for living through the game.  When selecting and evaluating coaches, three categories are considered: the NFC goals for coaches, qualifications, and performance standards.


·  Inspires highly motivated and cooperative player participation due to the quality of his / her leadership.

·  Improves players' lives by teaching valuable lessons for living.

·  Helps players reach new heights of development, contribution and achievement.

·  Earns a high degree of respect and response based on the strength of relationships with players and families.

·  Is emulated, not merely tolerated.

·  Is spoken well of by people affected by his / her leadership.

·  Enjoys the satisfaction and rewards associated with impacting players' lives through the athletic experience.

NFC SELECT COACHING QUALIFICATIONS for Personal Integrity & Performance Ability

·  Is experienced, competent and an accomplished teacher of the game

·  Displays commitment to club mission of developing the person and the player

·  Has a good reputation in the community

·  Presents self as a model of quality work habits and personal fitness

·  Is assertive, considerate, and approachable in communication

·  Views team relationships and competition as opportunities to instruct and inspire

·  Shows patience in dealing with people and process

·  Accepts responsibility for overseeing team activities

·  Addresses violations with strength and composure

NFC SELECT Coaching Performance Standards

·  Shows respect and care for each player.

·  Treats each player as an important member of the team.

·  Presents clear and complete instruction (conceptual, technical, tactical and team dynamics).

·  Provides an innovative and exciting training environment focused on maximizing performance ability.

·  Affords players an equal opportunity to compete for playing time.

·  Gives instructional and inspirational communication during training and competition.

·  Recognizes and rewards players for their contributions.

·  Evaluates players on performance, informs them of position status, and gives direction for improvement.

·  Teaches valuable lessons for living through the soccer experience.

·  Demonstrates a good example of leadership in practice, matches, and in the community.

·  Interacts well with parents.

·  Represents the club well and promotes the ideals of the club.

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Why 3 Stars

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Why 3 Stars

Our NFC Select program Is The Only Boys Club In Nebraska To Win USYSA Regionals...


Region II Championships (2002,2007,2017) and numerous State championships

Dozens of former NFC players going on to play college soccer and pro soccer

Coaches developing into college coaches and past players returning to become NFC coaches

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