The BSC Select Program Way

Our BSC Select Soccer program is designed to assist serious, competitive players in enjoying an exceptional soccer experience that helps each player maximize the development of their skill and fitness, learn how to perform at high levels of competition, identify future playing opportunities, and build habits and character qualities that lead to success in soccer, as well as in the areas of personal health, academics, and community relationships.

To this end, the BSC Select Soccer experience will provide each player with:

·  An outlet for learning about, and expressing, oneself through the game.

·  Steps for building and improving mental, physical, social skills, and personal conditioning.

·  An environment for developing work habits and character qualities that lead to the display of performance excellence in competition and personal life.

·  Support for improving personal image, and, for learning how to develop healthy working relationships with others within a team.

·  A model for constructing a lifestyle of growth and achievement, in, and beyond, the soccer experience.

·  Exposure to future playing opportunities beyond the youth / high school level.

Soccer is a game played for enjoyment, provides tremendous health benefits, and teaches players valuable life lessons. It is the BSC Select belief that the soccer experience is most enjoyable and beneficial for players when they:

·  Play skillfully, have a fitness level, knowledge of the game, and character qualities to perform successfully at desired levels of competition.

·  Participate in, and contribute to, a healthy team environment.

·  Apply the lessons learned through the game to improve all areas of their lives.

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